Bohol Philippines Au Pair
Haus- und Familienpflege-Vereine


I am a registered nurse, 25 yrs old and I am currently working as a staff nurse in one of the government hospital in the Philippines. My profession is not too far to what I am applying now because my profession is flexible enough to deal with people around the world. We deal with our patients, I have experienced caring different types of people, young and adult individuals. I could say that I am prepared enough with my experiences and very thankful of my profession because it gives me a lot of opportunity to discover what is life and with so much courage of humanity that we’re able to take care of our love ones, taking care of families, taking care of children, taking care of our patients in the hospital, giving medications, taking care of the sick as well as healthy individuals, we have health teaching to provide them more knowledge to enhance and uplift total health wellness condition that can help them in daily living. I have the skills you are looking for in an AU PAIR. My heart goes to your family, I love to take good care of children, this was developed when I was young. I am the one taking care of my nephews and nieces as well as my younger brothers and sister when my parents were not at home and it is already my job since then.

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